City of Surrey a great place to call “work”

photo by Elizabeth Kowal

The City of Surrey was named a top employer for young people, according to a press release today. With 3,400 employees, Surrey has been one of B.C.’s top employers for the last eight years so the new recognition doesn’t come as a surprise.

On their website, the city asked its employers why they enjoy working for them.

“Due to the length of time we spend with co-workers, we begin to understand their cultural backgrounds, appreciate the differences and — in the process — learn how other cultural groups contribute to our social structure and our work teams,” responded Jo-Ann, who works for the Finance & Technology department.

A closer look at some possibly taken-for-granted positions being offered by the city:

Ice Maker

Includes, but not limited to “operation of refrigeration, ice making and water treatment equipment and machinery.”

By-Law Enforcement Officer

“Processing By-law violations and complaints, recommending legal action and gathering sufficient evidence to support charges.”

Animal Control Officer

“Investigates complaints regarding animal related by-law violations, catches and transports stray animals, issues tickets, and performs related clerical work.”

Park Operations Coordinator – Cemeteries

“Meeting with members of the public to assess and provide meaningful solutions for their interment and memorialization needs.”

The city also hires Zumba, pilates and other fitness instructors. I can see how they are considered such a great employer with such a broad spectrum to offer jobs in.


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