Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Program is now fully under way

This morning, the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Program acknowledged the beginnings of the combo project construction. That’s the construction of three overpasses on 192 Street, 54 Avenue and 196 Street that should help ease the tension at freight crossings.

Mayor Watts optimistically tweeted from the event that congestion would lessen from the project.

For those of you who haven’t been stuck at one of the rail crossings of the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor, it’s a busy freight passage that runs from the coal port in Delta and connects to the North American rail network.

A map of the rail corridor. Eight overpasses and a ninth project to reduce whistle noise are now underway to help ease traffic pause and resident noise complaints. Courtesy of

The program is funded by 12 government and private sector partners putting out $307 million and has begun the building of eight overpasses to help with traffic being stopped while cars wait for trains to pass. A ninth project in Panorama Ridge, called the Whistle Cessation Project, plans to realign roads to reduce crossings where trains are required to toot their horns, which bothers nearby Surrey residents.

TransLink’s Scott Macfarlane said a media release will be up shortly on the website about the event held today for the program. Transport Canada already released theirs.

Transit has proven to play an important role in Surrey’s development and functioning, so it will be interesting to see how the completion of this program will change the patterns of Surrites (just made that word up. Going to run with it).

So, you’re out there in Surrey (probably), you’ve been stuck at one of these railway crossings (probably). How is this going to impact your day?

Here’s a little YouTube vid of some guy imitating a train whistle:

You can reroute a train, but you can’t always reroute your neighbours.


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