Noisy heat pumps need a bylaw?

photo by Audrey McKinnon

On Monday it was carried by city council to hear one Surrey fella, Edgardo Castaneda, “to address the noise that Heat Pumps produce when they are installed between houses.”

He also wants to discuss regulating a the installation of heat pumps with a bylaw.

So does Surrey really need a bylaw on heat pump noise or is there a simpler solution to the noise problem?

This YouTube video makes it look like a piece of cake to quiet any heat pump:

By the looks of it, heat pumps are notoriously loud. Googling the word and searching it on YouTube brought up examples of that.

But do we really need a bylaw or should neighbours just ask neighbours to get their heat pumps checked out because of common courtesy?

Maybe all that’s necessary is the loosening of a few screws. Am I missing something here?


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