Surrey’s industrial lands could be pivotal for Metro Vancouver

While Metro Vancouver discusses intensifying industrial lands, about 30 per cent of Surrey and White Rock’s industrially zoned land is not being used.

“Surrey has a very large share of the industrial land use,” said senior planner Terry Hoff, adding that the city’s land is pivotal to the industrial intensification.

Intensification would mean using the land to its full ability by adding more floors to industrial buildings, narrowing roads and promoting strictly industrial use of industrial land.

Hoff and Gaetan Royer, manager of metropolitan planning, said that without intensification, Metro Vancouver’s industrial zones would reach capacity in the early to late 2020’s.

Royer said land is limited and the region needs to think outside the box to best utilize the space. “I think we need to take a good look at injecting some creativity into the land.”

Surrey and White Rock together have more than 2,500 hectares of industrial land. Ranges in other cities go from less than 500 hectares on the North Shore to just over 1,700 hectares in Richmond.

That means that Surrey can play an important role with its industrial lands.

Coun. Linda Hepner sent her regrets in not attending the Regional Planning and Agriculture Committee Meeting this morning,  but it would be helpful to hear her input on this topic.

I will explore this issue more in depth next week, including discussion about industrial zoning in proximity to transit. It’s a complex topic and would be worth the words.


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