Surrey’s ALR, like Langley’s, could be under threat by industrial lands

photo by Audrey McKinnon

A post from my classmate, Cara McKenna. She’s covering Langley issues and touched on something Surrey residents might be interested in as well. I commented on her post and I’ve copied it here for streamlining: Surrey boasts a large ALR as well and, as I’ve written before, there have been accusations that those lands aren’t really being used to their capacity either. Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts has stamped her name to that land, saying that she hasn’t let any go since her time in council, so that might count for some protection of the ALR, but who knows…

The Langley Lowdown

I attended the Metro Vancouver regional planning and agriculture meeting this morning, where there was an interesting discussion about increasing the intensity of industrial areas by 2040. This basically means looking into non-industrial use in industrial buildings, reducing road width and adding more stories to existing buildings — all in all intensifying and increasing use in industrial areas to result in increased productivity and more jobs.

Of course, there is also the issue of accommodating industrial growth, which is something that may not be accommodated just by intensifying already industrial areas. Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan mentioned that since agricultural lands are valued very low, there is an inevitability that this land will be the next base for new industrial land.

“Pressure comes on as to how we’re going to supply more industrial land,” said Corrigan, adding that there is currently a limited supply of industrial land in Vancouver, and converting…

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